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August 28 date and Flirt Summit Date: Aug 27th @ 9:42pm EDT
We've got a long August month and got to the 11th place in the competition for amazing trip on islands. Not sure how possible is to jump 6 places to get into TOP5 for this weekend, but hope that all our boyz will be with me to have some fun with nice shots, shows, dancings and lots of other stuff. 4 days till the end

Hope to see you
Boyz 20.08 Date: Aug 20th @ 6:07am EDT
We are quite close to leading places for Flirt summit. But without winning competitions would be impossible to win the trip. So i hope weekend time everyone will join me. Ama going to be on whole weekends. Hope that you are going to join me
August month Date: Aug 6th @ 9:24pm EDT
Thats a last month and last chanse to make success at Flirt Summit. Currently we are somewhere near top25 by august rankings. I really hope to win that trip and have one vacation a year, bring some photos and emotions from there. I will try to make August as entertaining as i can. The best opportunity to get into qualifiers will be Saturday 08 of August(EST). It will be smart to participate in competition (Muscle Madness Discount) and at the same time to make success for Summit rankings. Hope you will join me. Entertaining parties, hot groups garanteed.
Your Landon
Thoughts about party function Date: Jul 18th @ 10:47pm EDT
We've made lots of parties with cum shoots. And it became something like fun with lime boyz and 100+ spectators,who dont really understand why they need to participate. Sure it is good advertisment. But i guess would be better to activate the rest of the room as well. So maybe would be better to try use party for dancing,teasing, some sexy fun and prezzies. and probably activate wild side as cum shows(as something unique) and butt in groups. If you have thoughts about that - messages are welcome
Julys ranking Date: Jul 17th @ 1:22am EDT
Already 17th of July. Have not said to anyone about importance of that month, but now i do.

-Flirt offers really amazing all-inclusive trip to Islands as holidays November month. Top5 of the month(June,July or August) will win tickets and Hotel rooms. There are also 5 tickets for best ones (1st of June-31st of August). Thats hard competition, but there are chanses even chanses to get it being close to top5.

-Currently we have 21st place in July. I know that it can take lots of effort, but in case you would have free time. Join me to spend time together with parties, groups or pvts. All will be amazing :*

And i will be glad to see you happy and entertained
Raffle tickets for Fiesta de Mayo(1st-5st of may) Date: May 2nd @ 2:44pm EDT
Raffle tickets(1shot) to win:
1.Sexy ass flash
2.Cock flash
3.Clamp tits
4.Sexy Flex Posing
5.Posing with Jockstrap
6.Posing with bowtie and hand cuffs
Vip (Party)Raffle ticket(Shot flood) to win:
10.Sexy strip naked Dance
11. Sensual slow strip
12. Electro dance
13. Starting sexual party jerking
Able to win FAN CLUB access being top1-2 tipper while party
Flirt performing experience Date: Apr 28th @ 10:16pm EDT
I has 1 year and couple months experience performing quite often and active. Finally should make some conclusions about that. I've meet a lot of new people and appeard Lime members (who impress me with such loyality and desire to hang around and help). I am glad that i've meet those people, who became very close to me(Usually they are lime coloured) :* All together we really create huge power. And i am honoured to keep making interesting parties and sexy groups. I finally made phylosphy of shows. And i hope to make this lime power stronger. Participate in parties and groups and join our CLUB (fan)
Education Part Date: Apr 28th @ 3:09pm EDT
I had approx B levels marks in school. So finished that with good results. My favourite lessons were Math and Physics, thats why i've chosen those exams. 93% result for math exam. 67% for physics.

I did not know what university to choose. Thats always was my problem to find my way. So i've chosen most potencial way(financially potencial). That was Energetics and technics field
Something about my life Date: Apr 28th @ 3:02pm EDT
I grown in quite good family, where my mom is manager and father engineer. I never wanted to be engineer, cause father told me "my hands grow form my ass" I was quite active, thats why i had experience with Ice hockey, taekwondo, basketball, rollers, volleyball. As a hobby i've chosen billiard, cause one game, when you totally forget about important things in your life and just think about holes and geometry
Brodcasting plans Date: May 21st @ 4:18am EDT
Dont forgot about birthday in the last day of may. Give advices about birthday live chanel party. We need ideas. We must create awesome and lovely atmosphere in our room.
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